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Madrona Woods Restoration

SEATTLE, WA (04/12/2010)

Madrona Woods Restoration is the story of a successful, dedicated and long-term partnership between Friends of Madrona Woods, a non-profit community organization, and GAYNOR, Inc., landscape architects. Together they have effectively transformed 10+ acres of natural area in Madrona Park, in east-central Seattle, from a neglected, dark, scary and invasive-species infested forest into an open, inviting and healthy native forest with wonderful trails, waterfalls and natural creek channels flowing to Lake Washington.

Friends of Madrona Woods formed in order to restore the natural areas of Madrona Park, known as Madrona Woods. Friends engaged, as their prime consultant, Peggy Gaynor, Principal, GAYNOR, Inc., who is experienced in and passionate about urban habitat restoration and creek daylighting.

A Master Action Plan to guide restoration was developed in 1998/1999 by GAYNOR, Inc. through an extensive community workshop process with Friends of Madrona Woods. Goals include:

  • Restore 10+ acres of Madrona Woods to a healthy urban forest, eliminating invasive species, adding native plants and habitat diversity, and encouraging increased use by wildlife and people
  • Redesign, relocate and rebuild � - � mile of trails to be environmentally sustainable, scenic, safe, inviting and as accessible as possible
  • Daylight and enhance creeks, seeps, springs and waterfalls in the Woods
  • Involve lots of people of all backgrounds and ages in restoration activities to promote environmental learning, awareness and enjoyment

Eleven years later, this partnership has proven to be amazingly effective with nearly all Master Action Plan goals accomplished. A 100% grass roots effort, all projects (design and construction) have been privately funded through grants, donations, sweat equity and pro bono services, including substantial contributions by GAYNOR, Inc. and several subconsultants.

Madrona Woods Restoration Accomplishments:

  • 7-8 acres of diverse native forest and riparian habitats restored and enhanced, including the entire 3 acre watershed of Madrona Park Creek
  • 0.4 mile trail system built that is sustainable, scenic and safe, including long flights of box steps and several ADA accessible trailheads
  • Over 1/4 mile of natural Madrona Park Creek channel daylighted from its headwaters to Lake Washington
  • 2/3 acre of new native habitat and wetland cove created adjacent Lake Washington, including 400+ lineal feet of natural shoreline and 600 lineal feet of fish-passable channel, providing rearing and refuge habitat for threatened juvenile Chinook and other salmon species
  • 4 waterfalls / cascades and approximately 30 step-down weirs built as part of Madrona Park Creek and another no-name creek restoration, offering visible and audible water experiences
  • Approximately 75 pieces of large woody debris and 200 granite boulders installed to stabilize creek channels and lakeshore, and provide habitat and visual interest
  • 7 years of hands-on Environmental Education Program conducted in the Woods with schoolchildren from several local elementary and secondary schools
  • 2 series of �Walks in the Woods� educational tours provided for the general public
  • More than 500 volunteers involved in restoration activities

The partnership continues. Habitat restoration, creek enhancement, maintenance and monitoring is ongoing...

Project Results (Click Here)


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