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Please fill in the form completely and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.  Thank you!


First name
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Street Address
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Zip/Postal Code
Home Phone
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What position are you applying for?


How did you hear about the position?


What is the wage desired?


Indicate the equipment you have operated?

  Skid Loader (Bobcat) Yes  No
  Backhoe Yes  No
  Trencher Yes  No
  Dozer Yes  No
  Dump Truck Yes  No


Do you have mechanical ability?
Yes  No


Describe your landscape and irrigation experience:


Please list your most recent Employers Name, Phone number,
Years with the company, Wage and the Reason you left in the box below:


Please list your 2nd most recent Employers Name, Phone number,
Years with the company, Wage and the Reason you left in the box below:


Do you have a valid Driver's License?
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Do you have a CDL?
Yes  No


Do you have a clean driving record?
Yes  No


Have you ever been convicted of Negligent Driving?
Yes  No


Would you provide a copy of your driving record?
Yes  No


Do you own a dependable car?
Yes  No


Are you willing to work all over the Puget Sound area?
Yes  No


Are you punctual and dependable?
Yes  No


Are you available to work now?
Yes  No


Would you take a pre-employment drug test?
Yes  No


Is there anything preventing you from acquiring Military/Security clearance?
Yes  No


Could we do a background check?
Yes  No


Do you own a phone where we can reach you?
Yes  No


When are you available?  (check all that apply)

  Full Time Yes  No
  Part Time Yes  No
  Weekends Yes  No


References (minimum of two required)

Reference name Business Phone # Relationship to applicant


Other comments to include:

I certify, by clicking on the "Submit Employment Application" button that this information is accurate and complete.  Giving incomplete or false information is a serious matter and is grounds for dismissal and forfeiture of related benefits.


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