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Commercial Projects


Troy Block

General Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis

Landscape Architect: Swift Company

Description: Installation of new landscaping around new 2-tower office building occupying an entire city square block.  Scope included deep native soil removal, 1,000  cy of deep import soils at right-of way planting beds, root barrier and edging, crushed rock paving, 23,000 cf of deep structural foam at all at-grade on-structure planting beds, 3,000 sf of deep Silva Cell modular suspended pavement system over structure, 2,000 cy of lightweight soil on structure,7,000 sf of sand-set and pedestal-set 1' x 4' - 1' x 6' concrete pavers and treads, 12,000 sf extensive green roof, 5,000 sf intensive green roof,  irrigation system, planting and top mulch.



Lincoln Square Expansion

General Contractor: GLY
Landscape Architect: Berger Partnership

Description: Installation of new landscaping around new 2-tower mixed-use building.  Scope included import soils at right-of way planting beds, root barrier and edging, Greenscreen modular trellis system, deep lightweight soil on structure, 12,000 sf extensive green roof with intricate multi-level sedum tile & sedum mat design mix, 12,000 sf intensive green roof, crushed rock paving on structure, 3000 sf of sod lawns on structure, pet relief area synthetic turf, 2 gas fire bowls, mortar-set decorative cobble, mortar-set flagstone, granite stepping stones, 50 large and small free-standing planters, multiple irrigation systems, interior and exterior planting, top mulch, maintenance.




General Contractor: Pacific Earth Works Inc.


Description: This was an older office building that was converted into a more modern building and look.  Our work consisted of grading, drainage, irrigation improvements, as well as new landscaping throughout. 




Gateway 1

General Contractor: Pacific Earth Works Inc.
Landscape Architect: Integrated Site Design

Description: Updating the entry of an office building set within a large wetland and slough, this project included site improvements designed to stabilize ongoing soil settlement and mitigate constantly wet site conditions. Overgrown and outdated plantings were replaced, a rain garden was installed to blend the site with native surroundings, and decorative rock was added to frame the main entry walk. Accent lights were installed beneath new Evergreen Magnolias, adding dramatic shadow patterns to the expansive building facade.





Via6 Apartments

General Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis
Landscape Architect: Hewitt Architects

Description: This project included on-grade & multiple level on-structure landscaped areas in association with construction of this beautiful new two-tower, 24-story high-rise apartment complex in the Denny Triangle in downtown Seattle. Scope of work included extensive planting with large specimen trees, multiple irrigation systems, sod lawn on structure, 3,500 square foot extensive green roof, free-standing planters, decorative gravel surfacing, edging, root barriers, synthetic turf, seasonal planting, and maintenance.

Seattle Children�s Phase 1 Hospital Expansion

General Contractor: Sellen Construction Company
Landscape Architect: SiteWorkShop, LLC

Description: This project featured 3 acres of complete new campus landscaping including 18,000 trees, shrubs and groundcover, a 6,000 square foot intensive green roof and 20,000 square feet of extensive green roofs. Other elements included deep import soils, root barriers, extensive rain garden network, 2-wire irrigation system, site drainage, metal edging with cobble and decorative crushed rock surfacing, permeable concrete paving, wood fencing, concrete block retaining walls, and off-site landscaping.



U.W. Medical Center Expansion

General Contractor: Skanska USA Building Inc.

Landscape Architect: SiteWorkShop, LLC

Description: Along with significant work in elevated courtyards, this project also included extensive on-grade improvements.  Landscape and irrigation was installed, along with a concrete retaining wall, bike lockers, custom bike racks, pathways, fencing, concrete paving and tumbled granite pavers.  Located at the base of an occupied hospital and adjacent to an occupied school and daycare facility, access was tight, noise restrictions were in place, and safety was critically important.


Microsoft Pedestrian/Bike Fitness Campus Project

General Contractor:  Skanska USA Building Inc.

Installation of pedestrian walking/jogging trails at the Microsoft Redmond Campus including gravel surfacing, edging, planting, irrigation, and mulching.



U.W. Molecular Engineering

General Contractor: Hoffman Construction Company
Landscape Architect:  Walker-Macy


Description: Project included 36,000 square feet of full new on-grade and on-structure landscaping including soils, irrigation and planting, sod & seeded lawns and rain gardens, as well as reinforced turf/planting, pavers and pre-cast pathway planks, cobble banding and edging.

Park Place Office Tower

General Contractor:  Lease Crutcher Lewis

Landscape Architect:  Berger Partnership

Description: This project included landscape and irrigation for a new ground level entry to the Park Place Office Tower in downtown Seattle.  This project was unique in that we had to work directly adjacent to congested streets and open sidewalks with pedestrians.  Utmost care was taken to minimize impact to daily pedestrian and vehicle traffic.



Marysville Getchell High School

General Contractor: Absher Construction Company
Landscape Architect: Cascade Design Collaborative

Description: Complete Landscape, Irrigation, and Athletic Field Installation for the new Marysville Getchell High School Site. Unique aspects of this project included an extensive network of Rain Gardens, a Soccer/Baseball Field, under drain work for the Field Turf Football Field, several Geo Block lawn fire lanes, and a 75 zone irrigation system utilizing a 2 wire control system. Approx 14 acres of the 30 acre site had some form of landscaping performed to it. This took just under 1 year to install and we will be performing maintenance for an additional year.





Sound Transit Central Link Light Rail Landscape Restoration

Owner: Sound Transit
Landscape Architect: Karen Kiest Landscape Architects

Description: Approximately 4 acres of infill restoration planting under 5 miles of transit guideway for the Sound Transit Link Light Rail in the SeaTac area. Scope of work included clearing and grubbing of invasive vegetation, import soils and soil preparation, drainage improvements, large scale planting, erosion control, and 1 year of hand watering and maintenance.


Cascadia Community College Center for Global Learning and the Arts

General Contractor: Hoffman Construction Company
Landscape Architect: Gustofson Guthrie Nichols LTD

Traditional Landscape and irrigation project for new building with a few unique aspects. We screened and blended onsite salvaged soil with soil laboratory�s recommended amendments to come up with a suitable topsoil for plants and lawn areas; there were 2,400 cubic yards needed. We also installed a 7,500 sf mortar set paver plaza with a grand staircase.






University of Washington Savery Hall Renovation

General Contractor: Hoffman Construction Company

Landscape Architect: Fredericks Landscape Architect

New lawns, planter areas, and irrigation for perimeter landscape areas to Savery Hall. Also included were new sand set brick paver entries to the building as well as paver restoration around the perimeter.




Snohomish High School Modernization

General Contractor: Lydig Construction

Landscape Architect: Weisman Design Group

Multiphase project with the first phase including work around the new North Parking Lot. Work included ornamental iron fence, chain link fence, rain garden installation, soil prep, new irrigation, and new plants with mulch. This was a challenging project in that towards the end, we had to work with the parking lot in use by the students.


Tahoma National Memorial Cemetery

General Contractor: K.O.O. Construction, Inc.

Description: Irrigation and Seeding for 3 acre addition to the existing cemetery. 6� gasketed mainline was used and all irrigation had to run very deep to avoid interference with accessing new crypt lids.


Swedish Medical Center, South Addition Phase II

Landscape Architect:  Atelier

General Contractor:   Lydig Construction, Inc.

On structure/roof top and on grade planters and lawns with associated drain rock, irrigation, planting and mulching.



Federal Reserve Bank

Landscape Architect: Murase and Associates

Owner: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Extensive concrete block retaining walls, irrigation, drainage, fine lawns and meadow plantings, ornamental plantings, retention pond with 30,000 emergent plantings, river cobble mulch, turf pavement and roof garden.


University of Washington Surgery Pavilion

Construction Management Firm: Hoffman Construction Co.
Landscape Architect: SiteWorkshop LLC

Extensive Hardscape includes new city sidewalks, flagstone pathways, granite cobble (both dry set and mortar set), stone steps and patios, beautiful granite art bases, pre-cast concrete benches and bollards, placement of granite boulders, integral colored concrete, etc.

The landscape and irrigation plan includes street trees along Seattle's scenic Montlake Blvd. Extensive berming to integrate the new addition into the site. The cherished "Glade" area behind the hospital is being refurbished. The new plant palette includes large Port Orford Cedar, Western Hemlock, Himalayan Birch, Cornelian Cherry, Persian Parrotia, etc. An extensive selection of ornamental shrubs, native plants and perennials will augment the planting.

This project was completed in September of 2004.


Roosevelt High School

Landscape Architect: The Berger Partnership

Owner: Seattle Public Schools

Beautiful rehabilitation and remodel of historic Seattle school with special care work around historic trees including a Black Walnut tree from President Roosevelt's Oyster Bay Estate in New York. Landscape scope: extensive planting, sod and seeded lawns, underground irrigation system, and a large concrete unit paver courtyard.



Edmonds Center for the Arts

Landscape Architect: Macleod Reckord

Owner: Edmonds Public Facilities District

Renovation, planting, lawns and irrigation system




Everett Community College Arts & Sciences Building

Landscape Architect: SiteWorkshop

Owner: Everett Community College

Landscape and irrigation, construction of a �Rain Water� garden along north side of building



UW Bioengineering and Genomic Sciences

Landscape Architect: Site Workshop, LLC
Owner: University of Washington
Grading, topsoil placement, irrigation, river cobble paving, sod and hydroseed installation, site furniture, planting and maintenance.


Waverly Park

Landscape Architects: Barker Landscape Architects
Subcontrators and Suppliers: Kodo Construction, Pride Electric, United Pipe and Supply, Cedar Grove
Demolition, grading, extensive soil preparation, planting, restoration of a bluff overlooking the Puget Sound, new irrigation, concrete plaza, moving of an historical arch, stone retaining walls, new asphalt and gravel paths with lighting and new parking areas.


This is the first phase of what will become one of the premier urban parks on the Eastside.



King County Library Rehabilitation

Landscape Architect: Susan Black & Associates
Owner: King County Library System
Concrete and vegetation demolition, tree removal, transplanting, grading, drainage, renovation and installation of irrigation, broken concrete retaining wall, feature boulder installation, concrete paving, concrete wall and stairs, steel railings, topsoil placement, crushed rock paths with Trex edging, concrete pavers, chain-link fencing, site furniture, planting and maintenance.


UW Conibear Shellhouse

Landscape Architect: Site Workshop, LLC
Owner: University of Washington
Native area invasive removal and replanting, above-ground temporary irrigation system, bio-swale hydro-seeding and planting, gravel trails with steel edging and split rail fencing, topsoil placement, on-grade and over-structure planting, sod and hydroseed installation and maintenance.


Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Landscape Architect: Site Workshop, LLC
Owner: United States Navy
Grading, CMU retaining wall, drainage, turfgrid type plastic mat paving, river cobble paving, topsoil placement, steel-edged crushed granite surfacing, sod and hydroseed installation, planting and maintenance.


Park 90/5

Landscape Architect: Susan Black & Associates
General Contractor: Turner Construction
Refurbished office/warehouse complex. Includes soil installation, new irrigation system, modifications to existing irrigation systems, bio-swale and storm water detention pond completion including concrete rubble weirs and river cobble mulch, hydro-seeding, planting and mulch.


Lake Stickney & Harbour Pointe Elementary

Grading, irrigation, preparation for installation of sod reused from US vs. Equador FIFA Soccer match at Seahawk Stadium.


UW Indoor Practice Facility

General Contractor: Baugh Construction
Architect: Bruce Dees & Associates



Pierce Transit/Tacoma Dome Station

General Contractor: Absher Construction
Architect: DSA Associates
Owner: Pierce Transit



UW Exercise Course

Architect: Bruce Dees & Associates
Owner: University of Washington


Issaquah Softball Fields

Architect: DA Hogan & Associates
Owner: Issaquah School District


University of WA Oceanography

Architect: Swift and Associates
Owner: University of Washington
General Contractor: Turner Construction Company


Kingway Apartments

Architect: The Berger Partnership
Owner: The Housing Resources Group


Northwest Washington Medical Bureau

Architect: Hough Beck & Baird Inc.
General Contractor: Exxel Pacific
Owner: Northwest Washington Medical Bureau


Lopez Island School

Landscape Designers: Debbie Hayward - Green Dragon, Patty Stewart - Islandscape
Owner: Lopez Island School District No. 144


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